Dead Space Goes Quiet

I finally got around to playing the original Dead Space. I am still unsure if I will be getting into Dead Space 2. While the original Dead Space was a great game and did its part in scares that I have not had since Resident Evil 1 & 2, in the current point in my gaming life it has no lasting foothold.

The actual game takes around 10 hours to beat through. The weapons while awesome in their “tactical” uses, can be paired down to just using one gun. Hell there is even a trophy for it. The first gun that you get (the Plasma Cutter) is free, which means that all other guns in the game are only from the store. If you never use a different gun you will be playing through the whole game with the same gun that also just happens to be the best gun for the end Boss fight. A very nice benefit to doing this is that one of the more important things that you need to manage in the game is your inventory slots. Between ammo for different guns, the different guns, and other pickups you can get stretched inventory wise if you are a natural boy scout who likes to go in fully prepared. This is one area that using only the Plasma Cutter comes in handy. All that extra ammo can be converted to one type, which means that you can sell off all other types and be swimming in the Plasma Cutter ammo. This leads into the next big bonus and that is power ups. Through power nodes, which you can buy for 10,000 credits, you can power up your equipment and guns. The extra money that you will be having from  simply selling off all other ammo types that your not using can easily bring in a few more power ups making you that harder to stop.

Now this brings me to my stance on this game. I will not be playing through this 10 hour romp again. Video games these days are expensive, roughly 60 dollars today but when I started playing video games that were 20 dollars at launch! Because of this I have to be ever more selective in which games I am going to buy. I buy only those games that have massive re-playability or collective worth. Single player dungeon romps, unless incredibly long or incredibly cheap, will never find a home among my classics or epics. Bundle this with the fact that my interests in life are shifting and you can see why video games are no where near the top of my priorities.

As for Dead Space 2, I will borrow or rent. In fact if you haven’t played either Dead Space game, I do suggest you play it. Maybe even walk past some Youtube clips to see if you really do want to play. I for one will not be investing money into such a linear one hit game, even if the visceral graphics and gameplay are amazing.

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