iPhone 4 Cracked Glass

There is now a lawsuit over the iPhone 4’s glass breaking. The lawsuit in simplicity is saying that Apple is lying about the strength and durability of the glass used in the iPhone 4. All of this stemming from when his daughter dropped an iPhone 4 from 3 feet and the glass shattered. As an engineer I can firmly state that people without knowledge of material strength, ductility, or “toughness” should not speak on such things. It is rather clear that the person who filed the lawsuit knows nothing of these things and is simply searching for free money in a bad economy.

There is an old trick where you lean against a large pane window and it supports your weight, then you take a thumb tack and press it into the window it will shatter at a much lower pressure. This is all about PSI (pounds per square inch). Just like the iPhone 4, if you are able to drop the iPhone 4 and have it land with its full face hitting the ground the pressure per square inch of surface would be lets say 50 lbs, and at around 6 sq. inches, the force of 50 lbs is divided to each square inch. If you drop your iPhone 4 and like 99% of the rest of the world it lands on a corner your surface area is reduced to say 1 square inch, the 50lbs goes from 8.3 lbs per inch to 50 lbs. Suffice to say that will break the glass.

The other thing that must be dealt with is that as a glass is made resistant to scratches, like say from your stinking pocket, you have to make the glass physically tougher or “stiffer”. This means that it cannot flex as much as a normal glass, when you subject this glass to load it cannot flex nearly as much as the regular glass, thereby breaking.

All of this can be seen in many many engineering books, and in everyday life. This is simply another frivolous lawsuit based on nothing but someone with no knowledge of materials being angry that his phone broke.

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  1. kurtis says:

    But Ashby — lawyers have to make livings, too!!

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