iPad Recant

I have made an error. After looking into the iPad and deciding that it was a few pounds short of practical, I made a blog post. While I could go in and delete my past post I also err on the side of freedom of speech. For this reason I am re posting my stance on the Apple iPad and leaving my incorrect post live.
I was spending a good deal of time lugging around my Mac Book pro. Every morning or evening before work I would shutdown my Mac Book and pack it all away into my messenger bag. When in reality I would only get the chance to use it a few times during the week. Since my work provides laptops to everyone that also creates the situation that even when I would want to take my work laptop home I simply could not fit it comfortably into my bag. I needed something that I could use to get some work done, maybe a little bit of play, and of course portability was a huge factor. Enter the iPad.
When I would drag out the Mac Book I would tend to be drawn to opening one of my games just to check my characters. Since I am an active player on Eve Online, there are many things that continue their in game progression even when I am at work and not “plugged in”, this also happens to be one the very reasons that I love to play Eve. But that is another post for another time.
The iPad helps to keep me focused. By not being able to enter and play any serious video games I can concentrate on my blogging and work rather than the Internet temptations, to a degree. Of course I still have many apps on my iPad and continually search the latest and greatest apps, along with the internet wifi and 3G connections, news, comics, and books there is plenty of things that can distract and side track my time for hours even on the iPad. But the simple portability and the apps available and the lack of full video gaming, no Eve online app, leaves me to a wonderful situation of productivity mixed nicely with Internet connection.
One of the main reasons that I stated that the iPad was lacking in the beginning was because I was trying to see it as a near fully functional tablet pc. Let me be more precise in my stance. The iPad runs the iOS, which to be more to the point was built for portability and saving power. I mentioned in my original post that the iPad needed possibly 1 USB and maybe even a cd rom or micro sd card slot. I fully take back all of those statements. The iPad boasts an impressive battery life that would not be possible with a cd rom drive buzzing away. Also with the app store and connectivity that the world now sees in technology, USB, and memory stick slots are rarely needed. I herald from the older days when you would need to carry a USB drive with you every where, while I still do this I tend to carry it way more than I ever find a use for it. Other blogs and criticism for the iPad was that is does not have a camera build in. For gods sake, it really does not need one. I have heard rumors that the new iPad2 very well may contain a camera or two. I am actually rather sad to see this if it is true, to see Apple stoop to match some the non apple tablets just to quell the criticism of some fan boys from Android or Microsoft.
I carry to no surprise the iPhone 4. For the people that are buying the iPad or thinking about it, I am nearly positive that they have or own a smartphone. Whether it be an Android, Apple, or even a Windows phone ( heaven help you), you most likely have a video camera right there in your phone. The iPad was not designed to take the place of your camera. I have not yet felt the urge to use a tablet type device for person to person communication outside of emails. If I need to connect with someone on that level I pull out my phone.
In any even I have changed my stance on the iPads usefulness in the world. I tend to use mind more and more. I can quickly pull it with me anywhere and get some decent work done. I no longer must drag such a heavy laptop along, I have no need to pull up the laptop to check my email in bed or run to the coffee shop for a few hours. The iPad have revolutionized how and where I spend my time while using technology, while the iPhone had already made a large impact the iPad simply takes that portability to a new level of usefulness simple having to do with screen size and a nearly perfect keyboard.

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