ipad Needs More

Apple has released it’s new piece of technology that invariably will help shape the future of electronics. This seems to be the trend that Apple sets when it comes to market with their sleek and sexy products. Problem being is that the new lineup is not as future proof as it could be. The Apple ipad is a great piece of engineering technology, I don’t want anybody to think that I am against it. I simply want more in it.
The Apple ipad is a very large iphone, except it cannot make phone calls, so it is more relative to a super large ipod. While the ipad itself runs on the apps in the marketplace, I would like to see the ipad leaning more in the direction of personal computer. If they could squeeze a full OS X in the ipad with solid state hard drive, I would buy one. I don’t care so much about not having a cd rom on a freaking ipad but throw in at least 1 usb for uploading and installing, market the ipad as an apple tablet pc. Then you can rack yourself up another ipad customer.
I am not bemoaning the app driven software, my iphone 4 runs perfectly on the apps I have chosen. I simply want more out of a “large ipod” than what an ipod can do. I mean if you are going to make it nearly 4 times the size of one, why not stick four times the amount of technology in it? I understand that Apple wanted to keep the price a little lower, especially since they get so much heat for having too high of prices. In that regard I say to Apple, “Stick to your guns”. Apple products should not be cheap, the quality and workmanship that is put into every single piece of Apple technology is worth the cost, it also weeds out the people who routinely ruin computers because of PEBKAC situations.
Tablet computing is not a new idea. There are a lot of tablet pc’s on the market and to date none of them have made it into mainstream consumerism. The reason behind this is that they are clunky, older technology, and usually run Windows.Simply by updating the form factor and the software would bring, in my opinion, tablet pc’s back to the market with a strong foothold. If you take a look at the people buying the Kindle and other small single use coffee house technology, the ipad has a chance to stomp other coffee shop pc’s for the title of grand master in portability. While I fully enjoy the Mac Book series of laptops, and I have no issue dragging mine along to any place I go, a smaller ipad styled device would find its way into my work bag, where my normal laptop never goes.

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