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I have spent a lot of time on trying to find the best financial management software for me. the reason that I make note of the “for me” is that every person is different and everyones finances are situational. That being said I believe that I have found the best financial software for me, and it happens to be free. I have always struggled with having to pay for software, especially since there are so many sources for open source software. Tonido happily slides into the free software side with their outlook on cloud storage. That’s right I said cloud storage. Tonido is actually a program that allows you to host your own website and cloud, keeping all of your files on a personal computer instead of online in a cloud. Tonido also comes with a money manager that when paired with the initial use of Tonido allows you to access your financial software anywhere that you can grab the internet.
Personally I set my laptop’s Tonido services to offline and block the Tonido program from acting as a server or cloud. Mainly because I already run a server on something better than a laptop, but I do use my laptop to control my financial software. While I may not utilize the rest of the Tonido applications on my laptop, the money manager is by far, for my financial situation, the best money manager around. With tracking for multiple accounts, full transparency between income and expenses, and multiple ways to sort your information from dates, to who, what , or where it all goes. There is a textual listing and then the awesome quick look pie charts that shift as you go.
I would highly recommend the Tonido software for the money manager alone, I also highly recommend it for server functions. The most important thing is to find one that best fits your situation. When trying a new form of software there are some basic helpers that will keep you from pulling your hair out and making a mess of your financials.
Firstly always backup your data! As a close friend likes to say “God saves, so should you”, make a full backup you never want to be left without any data no matter what software you are using. The nest trick I like to use is to install both programs side by side and use them side by side for a whole month. This will take effort, since you will have to enter your financial information and changes that month twice, but many financial programs roll and have oddities every fiscal month or even year. That being said I would not expect anyone to run two programs side by side and duplicate their work for a full year, so I fully suggest a 1 month trial period. After which making a final decision can at least be made in better knowledge of the pros and cons of each software.
While I hold no expectations of people to rush to Tonido for its money management application, I do expect some people will find this useful and in the least when considering their choices in financial software Tonido will be added to the list.

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