Associated Content VS WordPress

The Battle Begins

The Battle has begun. I have started to compare Associated content to running your own WordPress blog. I will be taking a look at the technical know how needed as well as the financial possibilities, and maybe even the time frame needed, concerning both Associated Content and a WordPress blog.

The most important thing about this whole process is that BEFORE you start using one over the other, you must figure out what you want to do. Have a plan, yes just like Ben Linus from Lost. Figure out what you want to write about, what is most important in your writing, and what goal you are trying to achieve in the end. It also helps to know what ind of writer you are, unfortunately for me I was new to serious writing when I started so I floundered and flailed a great many of times before I have found my stride and pace. Once you find your stride, you will relax, sit back and simply be creative, which is of course what this is all about. That right being creative is what it is all about, while many people will create these accounts for money making in mind, I did post this under “Money”, the best and most fulfilling way to be successful at any of this is to let your creative juices flow.

Fast Money:

Associated Content is the natural “quick money” website. On Associated Content user can write articles and submit them for upfront payment usually between $3-$5, and occasionally higher. User can also submit their articles for performance payments, which pay about $1.50 per 1,000 page views. As an Associated Content user you can make decent money, especially with upfront payments and the added bonus of the performance payments after that. The downside is that you will have to wait for an Associated Content editor to read, approve and further offer money, on an article that you submit for upfront payments, this can take 2-3 weeks, which means that if you are trying to make a living at Associated Content your article turnover will have to be rather high. The plus side to this is the performance pay, where even after the upfront payment of a few bucks you can cash in on how many people actually read your article. There is the third income of distribution, but this usually does not happen to start up writers.

A WordPress blog can make money but it will not offer the speed of the upfront payments from Associated Content. For a start up internet writer Associated Content’s upfront payment and additional performance pay can really turn some heads. In this regard Associated Content takes the cake in fast money for writing online.

More Money:

With a WordPress blog you will retain all control over your material and website. You will also maintain control over the ads placed on your site, which with adsense from Google can be a very lucrative thing. By using Google adsense you can gather money from not only the impressions of people viewing your website, but also the people who click on the ads. Over time this can have a large payout than that of Associated Content. On the downside there is no upfront payment for your materials. The one thing that is rarely discussed is that since you maintain full control over your materials, you can distribute then where ever you wish and however many times you like. While posting on your WordPress site you can also post relevant writings to eHow, or even Associated Content’s performance pay only option. Here is where the Google adsense will make the WordPress site take the lead over the upfront income of Associated Content. In the end, after the long haul, Google adsense can bring in more cheddar than the money making ways of Associated content.

Here is the trick though. For either one of these systems to work you must generate traffic to your site. With Associated Content it does seem to be easier to get traffic to your site, mainly because Associated Content also wants people to read your articles because they get paid themselves in this way, with Google adsense and WordPress you will have to get the traffic to your website on your own, but then again you will collect all of the revenue from that traffic, when as on Associated Content you would only collect a small portion. This is also why I say you must have a plan and figure out what you want to do with your online content. This way your can gear your websites to your audience and not be trying to sell the proverbial refrigerator to an Eskimo.

User experience:

This section is more dependent on each user’s level of skill and know how. For those who prefer to simply upload content and watch their numbers grow, Associated Content is more geared towards you. With a website that you log onto, you simply publish under a set of options that sets your permission level, your tags, title, body of text, and other minor information. You cannot gain control over too much here, what you upload is then put through a blank document format of Associated Content’s liking. If you give exclusive rights to Associated Content then you will get a bit more money from them, but your content is now theirs and you cannot legally post it anywhere else. Creatively this can go against what many people are even trying to achieve with blogging or writing online.

With WordPress you control everything about the website. You post you materials in much the same way as one would with Associated Content except you create your own categories, and apply your own theme that you like. After that you can edit everything on your website from the location of your Google ads to the placement on text, colors, column, pictures and everything else. Further more you will maintain control of your content. While gaining traffic can take some real effort, but once your website template is up and running there will be little work needed to maintain it. In all reality posting on WordPress is tons faster and simpler than the process on Associated Content.

In the end it really depends on your goal. If you simply need fast money or wish to sell tons of content not caring so much about the quality, then Associated Content is the place for you. If you feel the need for some long term possibilities, and more creative control, WordPress is the ticket. Both options can bring in money, the real question is whether your goals and material are better suited for Associated Content or WordPress. If you’ve taken the time to read through this I’ll clue you in on a good starter tip. Post content on both. That’s right, when you go through the selection for Associated content you can choose to post things as non-exclusive and for performance payments only. You will get twice the traffic and you will be better able to see what works best for you. Granted this will not solve the fast cash issue if that is your goal but it can really save some time and even earn more money if your willing to got through the posting process twice.

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