Leather Notebook Cover


Leather A5 Notebook Cover

For some time I searched for a notebook cover that suited my needs. I was horribly failing, finding that most notebook covers fall into a few categories, the girly “diary” covers, the business black, or the fantasy / whimsical covers. I much prefer the leather ones, so that was my goal, but I wanted one that was manly and not decorated. Seeing as how I wanted to re-use it for years to come, I could not say I’d want the same image 10 years from now. On top of all these issues I also found that leather notebook covers can be rather expensive.

I finally came across the perfect one. We had taken a wekend trip to Nashville, Indiana where I was buying a new belt at Bellum leathers when I noticed them. Sitting on a shelf, a simply wrap style notebook cover that holds the common A5 (8″ x 5″) notebooks, and anything smaller, regardless of thickness due to the wrap styling. I was amazed, it was perfect for my needs! Something that over time, the scratched or markes on the worn leather would tell the story not some embossed leather print or pattern. It sealed the deal even further when I found out how cheap they were! I think at time of purchase (1 year ago) I paid about $30. That’s nearly 1/3rd the cost of the nicer leather large manufacturer ones. On top of that there is always a nice feeling when buying something fom the creator themselves and not some major corporation.

Simple, and in my opinion elegant in that simplicity. Pure function with great form. I’m sure that Bellum Leathers would ship if you called, since I know not everyone can make the drive to Nashville, Indiana. (I hate
that people think of our state as a “fly-over state”!)

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