MacBook Pro 2010

Sleek and Sexy

I’ve had a few days with the MacBook Pro 2010 version lately. I now understand how far behind the curve Microsoft really is and why so many people have paid out the higher prices for Apple products. From start to finish the MacBook Pro is impressive and never fails to deliver.
The MacBook Pro that I have had the pleasure of running is the base line 15 inch version with the newer i5 intel processor. While the Ram included is fully capable at 4GB, I would have liked to see more for roughly $1,800. That being said this is simply the fastest computer I have used. My current desktop computer is running a quad core AMD 3.0 GHz Phenom processor with 8Gb of ram and this laptop leaves it in the dust. Now I don’t know is this is due to the new Intel i series of processors but the MacBook from top to bottom shows the level of detail Apple has spent putting into this thing.
While the classic sleek design and smooth unibody all give an aesthetic appeal to the MacBook it also serves a purpose. Many laptops that I have used are made out of plastics, which use load fans and precious battery power to cool off the internal components. The aluminum unibody not only is beautiful but also allows itself to be used as a large heatsink. Unfortunately this does tend to make the outside of the MacBook get a little toasty especially if you are using it for games. That being said it is not uncomfortably hot, after a few hours of lap usage it was not near “uncomfortably hot”. Then again most places that I use a laptop tend to have table in the first place. With mentioning that precious battery performance, Apple has done what every laptop user has wanted. They have some how some where fit what seems like a small power plant within the confines of the MacBook Pro. At 8-9 hours of “normal use” battery life, you can now make it nearly a whole work day without needing a plug in. Granted that “normal use” excludes games, heavy video use, and most likely cd rom use. This is the first laptop that I have felt that I could take just it and nothing else.
Gone are the days of lugging around a laptop bag of a few extra pounds of usb mice, power cords, and other accessories. Even the mouse pad makes a standard mouse undesirable. Apple has applied the sensing technology from their famous Iphones into the mouse track pad. Now with two finger clicking and two finger swiping, and other finger gestures you can performa  host of tasks. From enlarging a photo, scrolling, minimize and maximize all windows, or even a right click Apple has mad the mouse pad into a job to use rather than an unfortunate backup for when you forget your external mouse. Lets not forget the graphics, at 1440 x 900 the screen is nothing but a joy to use. Powered by the Nvidia 330M, it may not be the best graphics available but it allows most games to run at a full 60 FPS and has dedicated memory just for graphics. This sure beats most laptops where they can only share memory for graphics functions.
The MacBook Pro will not fail to impress, every inch you look over it you will find something that makes you wonder why it hasn’t been done before. I once had a laptop from 1998 that you could take the battery out and push a button to see how much charge it had left. I have not seen that on any laptops since then other than the MacBook Pro, but Apple takes it a step further, now instead of dropping out the battery to test it, you simply tap a small round flush button on the side. Why do laptop makers insist on making people boot up their whole system just to tell them that their battery is to low to safely shutdown? Everything about the MacBook Pro from the 5 second boot time to the 3 second shutdown will leave you wondering A) why is Microsoft and “pc’s” so far behind and B) How can I find enough dime to drop on a laptop like this.

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