Vibram Five Fingers

The Vibram company has done something great here. They have created a shoe that gives the most comfort I have ever had. These shoes allow the user to walk as if they were barefoot, while at the same time giving them the peace of mind that comes with having a solid sole shoe on.


There are many reviews online over these shoes. I will not be adding into those numerous long reviews. I will say that in a week of wearing them I have not been discomforted once by my feet. While I usually feel grateful and more comfortable coming home and getting my shoes off, I no longer even feel the urge to do. Vibram Five Fingers or VFF as some refer to them, are in my opinion more of a lifestyle than a sport or running shoe. While they are great at sports I see their true benefit comes from daily use not just “when playing sports / running” as many other believe.


The VFF do have a different look to them. I will be the first to admit that they tend to catch attention, but in truth they don’t catch nearly as much attention as one would think. I have only been asked a total of 3 times about the shoes. All 3 of those people were more interested in trying them out sometime and wanted to know my opinion. So to make a long story short and not clutter up peoples days and minds with more “review” type material. I’ll give you the same answer I’ve given everyone else.


Next time you see them in the mall or a store, try a pair on. Walk in them feel them out for yourself. They are amazing shoes that while not for everybody, I admit, if they are “for you” then you may have found your favorite pair of shoes! Isn’t that worth the 10 minutes to check them out? On top of that, there are some side health benefits that are now being found. Simply Google just about anything with VFF and you will come up with the benefits that are being found. No simply sport shoe indeed, these may change your lifestyle for the better.

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