Small additions overtime

To all those following here you may or may not have noticed the smaller changes taking place within the website. Firstly I found some better sharing options instead of those damnable floating static buttons (read: butans) that were on the right side of the page! (yay me) Secondly I have added a bit of humanity checking to the comment section. Hopefully this slows down my 1000+ robo spammers, (although askimet catches most of them). I am currently still working on bringing more pictures and more videos. I would really enjoy the ability to simply take the photo or video and upload from anywhere, but I still see the web based back end as being my best choice. I would like to in some way feed my Instagram over to here. The best I seem to be able to do is simply re posting the Instagram post. I’d rather have an active feel much like my twitter feed (see to the right). Once again anyone with any tips on these things please let me know, or even some ideas on pointing me in the right direction.

~ Ashby Koss

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One comment on “Small additions overtime
  1. KRH says:

    sitting here in Bloomington at Thai restaurant reading your latest posts
    interesting stuff!

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