Steve Jobs is changing the game

At WWDC Apple announced the some of the new features going into iOS 5 and the new lion Mac OS. One of the more interesting developments was the level of integration Twitter will be getting in the new iOS 5 update. I’m not sure if someone from Facebook made Apple angry or whether Apple just simply is placing it’s bets on Twitter instead of Facebook. But I do know that with so many people active on Facebook and Twitter it will be interesting to see what this changes.

Looking ahead if Apple continues its push into Twitter territory and pulls back from Facebook, although I’m sure Facebook integration will still be available, this could sterilize the two web giants as one being Android and on being on the side of Apple. While I don’t think Facebook will disappear on the iPhone, I do believe there will be a shift in how people connect. With an integration of Twitter at an iOS level, I feel there will be a “simply works” feel to using Twitter instead of Facebook, and this is where the shift may be felt.

Then again with such a large amount of people using both services, there may be no discernible change. But with the recent war of Google vs Apple and Facebook vs Twitter which has been raging for months, maybe even years, Apple may have just picked their war horse.

Some of the other features that really caught my attention was the iCloud. I am so excited for this one since it will alleviate my frustrations with getting even my pages files from my iPad to my Mac book. Where I use to bugger around with dropbox and email, now it “simply works”, which is one of the strongest reasons in Apples corner. I use to spend so much time working on computers getting them to do exactly what I wanted them to do, in general with Apple I have saved numerous hours and really started living my life. Instead of leaving work and cooling myself up in my “bat cave” to fix a web server / FTP that only I would use!

I will keep my eyes on all technology fronts and see if anything changes because I feel there are changes in the air and a storm is a brewin’.

~ Ashby Koss

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2 comments on “Steve Jobs is changing the game
  1. poul says:

    My take- design your products so it’s cumbersome to transport data- then create a service tied to more product to alleviate the design limitations. Profit. At one time this was a cynical but briliant business model. Nowadays is seems to be more and more the standard.
    Defective by Design I think is the buzzword.

    • Ashby Koss says:

      This is very true. But in the end game by opening up iCloud, especially for free, they have in a way thrown a life preserver to everyone who’s needed the exportation and importation functionality. This will result in more people coming back to Apple for the simple reason of “built in”. A very good move considering the amount of people using dropbox, gmail, Google docs and web davs as alternatives.

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