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I have a real interesting conundrum here. Here in the land of the internet there is a change in the PHP version. For many, if not all of you, this means very little. Please feel free to return to your coffee and bagel. But the Internet itself is very heavily based on PHP now. PHP being a server side scripting language, well it’s rather important. That being said, as of today AshbyKoss.com is using the older 5.2 PHP version so that you can actually access it and read it!GT

I am currently working on how to exactly fix this issue, so that AshbyKoss can remain open for reading. I may have to really change up the site again, but I really don’t want to. I mean REALLY don’t want to.

On this semi threaded topic of reading all sorts of miscellaneous things here on the site, I plan on writing more. No, Not writing in my journal only, but typing out some of the oodles and noodles of doodles that plague my noodle. As, Dr. Suessian as that may sound or felt in typing, it’s true. I hope to write here about all manner of things. Books, Movies, music, you name it. If it catches my interest then it hopefully will have a chance at making its way here.



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