I’ve Been Gone O’ So Long

How to restart after so long! I know I’ve been “offline” for over a year. Sometimes life throws things at you that you cannot avoid. You can only hit the deck, pick a direction and start crawling.

Many times I wonder how much too really share online. I try to be rather…. Judicious… in how I control the flow of “me” on the internet.

This past year, I’ve become far happier than I have been in a longtime. While I can’t go into every single little detail, I can easily say that it is because of my loving wife and learning the whole world over again with my now 7 month old son.

At some point I do plan on going into details. But, suffice to say in the meantime, please read up on Hyperemesis Gravidarum.  This is now something very close to our hearts, and the issue needs all the attention that it can get.

I will attempt to make more use of my time, and consequently waste more of yours with my ramblings. Hope 2014 treats everyone well.

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