My System of writing, and Why

So, your starting to write online. You have all this data inside your brain that you feel you need to release, teach, or inform other about. Or you have all these opinions that you feel would make the world eve a tad bit better. Like some other human functions it’s better on the outside than on the inside.

You wander around the internet trying to find the best way to achieve your loft goals of making a difference. In the world of the internet that’s usually in the form of people reading and following your writings. Many places will break this down into your “Page views”. Which although a bit misdirecting and lacking in telling the whole story, could be the next best thing we have for tracking followers of our writings outside of comments. You will find many ways to accomplish what you want with writing. You can keep in all relatively private in a personal notebook, but no, what you want is to blast your writings and mental gray area out on the internet. Available for the world. There are the free sites within the blogosphere that have become the “community playground” for most bloggers. I’ve also mentioned the host you own option as well. This is the method I prefer, sort of.

To host your own you will need to pay yearly upkeep to some hosting company. Luckily you can at least get the wordpress software free. While setting it all up takes some more technical knowledge then simply selecting from options, you have complete and unfettered control of how your content looks, feels and is displayed. More importantly you also control your writings, the “who owns them” part becomes a simple content control, and you also control what advertisement appears on your website, if any.

Speaking of money, there is also the very popular Yahoo! Voices. With multiple ways of “selling” your content you can at least earn a little bit from your mental deluge. With Yahoo! Voices you can sell you content as exclusives, or simply retain your ownership but let them collect a Per view earnings. It’s not much somewhere around $1.60 per 1,000 views, but it can add up. To date I’ve pulled in around $400 from Yahoo! Voices from mixed articles from per view pay to sold writings. What no one will tell you is the downsides to these things.

When you host your own website, you can control everything. But, with that “everything” also comes everything that you want for your goal. Meaning the stream of readers will be up to you and spreading the word about your site. Hosting your own can be a slow steady march uphill, which can easily tier people out. No objections there. But it can also be a very large payoff for the creator and as a hobby. Then comes Yahoo! Voices, where your content is treated like a rag in a large display case. You can get paid for selling the rag lock, stock, and barrel but you don’t own it at that point. You can also use something like Blogger to help grab some of the readers streaming into it, but you have little full control over your website, servers, or data. Personally I like having control.

Some of you will say “why not just sell it, and get credit”. This is a fine question and one that is usually a starting block, but you will quickly find that having control over your content has some great value. If not in the wallet but at least in your heart, especially if you just plain feel better about it.

My methods work for me, but maybe not for others. I admit I have a herky-jerky system that I am far from finalizing or even smoothing out. It’s much like a roller-coaster built out of nice smooth iron and wood, but I’ve made your wheels oval. Like a sadistic teenager with a stink bomb, I chuckle from the shadows. My only problem is that I’m the target as well. I write things sure enough, and I also host my own website, sure enough. That is the smoother part of my roller-coaster, where I change out the wheels is that I post in two separate places.

That’s right I take the effort and time to post into 2, fully different places and I’ll let you into the inner workings of “why”. It’s all about the readers believe it or not. I post things to my blog to have control and maintain my own creative side of my brain. I also post what I can to Yahoo! Voices some things that will fit nicely within the framework. Why I do this is because I’m not selling these pieces of content but only allowing the display for the earnings per view. Even if I make a mere $10 a year, that $10 a year that I cant spend towards that self hosted blog cost. That’s right. It’s all about making this hobby a free one.

In this world of capitalism where everything has been unscrupulously turned into revenue, it’s near impossible to find a cheap hobby, let alone a free one. Would I still maintain the self hosted website without having the “free” system in place? Of course. The double post and effort have 2 main benefits. The first one being that it may supplement the cost of the self hosting or even pay above the cost, which is more money in the pocket even if it’s only enough for a parking meter. Secondly, is back to the main issue of getting readers. Some people may be able to associate my personal blog to my Yahoo! Voices profile, other will not. This means that for a majority if I’m getting 100 views a month on one website and another 100+ on the other, well that’s just that many more people who have allowed my mental spewing to invade their eyes and minds.

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