Paper and Stylus

The world is full of options. With technology pushing forward the options are changing. Technology use to be created from the need. As usually necessity was the mother of invention. These days I feel that this has changed.


These days it seems that technology and invention is being created because of itself. There is no necessity for it. No real need. Sure the newer inventions and creations allow for some nice conveniences, but this is a double edged sword. Sure with digital technology I can easily store mass magnitudes of data, documents, pictures, and files. But it all needs electricity. I’m not saying that there is some horrible end of civilization around the corner that will deprive us of electricity. I’m just saying that before you convert fully to digital and put everything on computer take a look back to 5 years ago. Have any old discs or files that have been rendered useless by the changing technology? I’m sure you do.


Me personally, well I’ve been going through my old book boxes and have stumbled across an interesting find. An old copy of Capt. C. Hall’s “Drifting Around The World”. I remember borrowing this book from my grandparents when I was about 7 years old. Here nearly 23 years later, it’s still in decent shape, clean pages and pictures, even with its rough and tattered binding. Did I mention that this is an original copy from 1880 in the first place? Yeah, paper sure is tried and true. That’s 23 years of college moving and life with no special care, after it had been around since 1880!


Many people say that technology has made things easier. In many ways I feel that it has complicated things just as much. Paper and pen is simple and understood from a basic level.


But oh! How new shiny technology appeals to me. I think there are many people that have this same reaction to new toys. Do I need that new iPad to read a book or magazine?! No! But I’d love to do it anyways! In the end that digital book or magazine, well do you really own a copy of it? Most likely what you have is the right to read it for the cost. If you do happen to own a copy, it’s more than likely locked down with DRM. Not only that but you’ll have to keep an e-reader around or some way to access the data, which all taken power. Ever leave an electrical device sitting on a shelf for a long time? Battery slowly discharges, yeah. So now you have your 2,000 + library all on one device lets hope it doesn’t fail and you can keep it charged. Let’s forget the file format changes and technology changes I’m talking long term here. God forbid you ever have a visitor, partner or children, ie, more than 1 person in the house at a time reading! Better get good at remembering your place because with digital book marks and syncing technology well, bookmarks and place in books can get confusing with digital books.


In the end I’m sure that the extra time and weight of paper and non-digital forms can easily pay back in it’s weight in gold. Personally when I’m old and gray, I don’t want to have to spend my retirement days making sure my technology and life data is accessible, safe and useful. Call me sadistic, but I’d rather unload pounds and pounds of analog paper and media on my children for them to deal with.




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One comment on “Paper and Stylus
  1. Beth Balinas says:

    Clayton I loved your thoughts on this. I often wonder about the advantages of technology too – I miss printing my photos from trips and putting them in an album to be enjoyed later. They’re pretty much stored in my iPhone. And there’s nothing like the feel and smell and convenience of a good book.

    Thanks for sharing

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