I’m on my way back

I’ve been absent from ashbykoss.com for far too long. Things were changing very fast for me at work and at home. I simply could not keep up with a blog at the same time. But i’m back. I know there are low numbers of readers here. I hope that changes. Firstly, I will be once again moving around my categories and possibly the whole system to find a better setup. Maybe one that is more in line with my tenants of “Form & Function”.


I know that there are million upon millions of web pages and blogs that deal with 1 topic only. I feel that doing such a thing will restrict my topics and thoughts too much. I will separate everything to the best of my ability, but I hope that if people want to read about my day they can, if they want a review on a product that I have written up they can also get that here at Ashbykoss.com. I hope my odd variety of interests doesn’t drive people away, but it’s how my brain works. Sorry in advance!


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