So a very important note: SOPA & PIPA are not dead. They have been indefinitely postponed. We need all keep this is mind and keep one eye turned to the protection of the free Internet and our rights. As Americans and all fee men and women it is our right and our duty. We were all given freedom and rights to protect them, we must do so because no others will do it for us.

Also on a quick note a friend just pushed up his own blog at nobody-reads.com
Welcome to the world of blogs, free speech, and getting your words out to the world without turning to Facebook, MySpace, or some other website where your words will get lost in a timeline or shuffle or random posts possible about cats.

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One comment on “Update-y
  1. Josh Ramon says:

    Hey – thanks for the name drop. This is a very grass roots production now, but I was envisioning something elaborate in a communal sense, just not sure what exactly I want to do or how to go about it if I did. I just pick away at it until I make something resembling process.

    Same way with all my other creative endeavors, I suppose. I could go on about on my inadequacies on a technical/coding level, but for now I think I’ll try to portray a proud face and see where this new journey takes me.

    I have a couple other sites out there right now –

    All very, very grass roots operations, but I figure these things flesh out themselves in time.
    It’s the next phase I may need to seek the skills of someone with the ability to innovate around whatever we can dream up. I can dream all day.

    On that note, I’m done pretending anyone is reading this ridiculous post. 😉


    -josh / nobody-reads.com

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