Malls need new life

Malls need to reinvent themselves. In the big picture malls use to be a social place. While they are still social, being social doesn’t make alot of money. There are a few malls that are remodeling and making things nicer, but is that enough? Malls in the past couple of years have. Been on a pretty solid decline from what I can tell. Sales are not what they use to be, worker training has become abysmal, and the struggling economy does not help in any way. The demand for Internet shopping has increased and some companies are coping decently with integrating the mall store with the Internet usage. Others on the other hand for some unknown reason have not started or will not even attempt to integrate the two sides of their business. (online and offline) I can’t truly say how a mall should reinvent itself to increase foot traffic. Maybe a mall should make their goal the social aspect of it all. To this day the “Mall of America” with it’s indoor amusement park still catches my interest. In my humble opinion making a mall the central point to being social and appealing to all wakes of life could be the real key to bringing a much needed breathe into the institution of “the mall”.


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