Trying to make time

There in lies the problem with trying to make time. You simply cannot do it. I have been very busy lately so there has been very little updates here on AshbyKoss. I will attempt to back fill the best I can.

It started some time ago, when our cat Ickis passed away unexpectedly. As many pet owners are aware of, this threw our schedule and week into a new dimension. On the heels of this weekend my workplace lifestyle started to shift as well.


I was given an office. A true office with a door, 4 walls, and a ceiling. I also had to take the helm of our companies UL Liaison position. This gave me all sorts of things to keep busy with at work. Whether it was moving my office, talking to UL, or trying to solve one of our other multiple issues. These events of course came at an odd time when outside of work me and my girlfriend were deep in our hunt for a house.

We have gotten some good progress on a house, but in not wanting to invoke any bad luck we are refraining from mentioning anything until it is as one would say “in ink”. Granted if you know us we will talk about it, were simply wanting to keep it all off of social sites etc.

This has all been going on simultaneously which as one can imagine has been one hell of a roller coaster lately. But as survivors and humans tend to do we are adapting to our changing surroundings and making the most of what we can, while holding onto each other as our “rock” in these turbulent times, and trying to not think about the fact that the rock I cling too for stability right now is also clinging to me as we both float down the Big River.

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