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My System of writing, and Why

So, your starting to write online. You have all this data inside your brain that you feel you need to release, teach, or inform other about. Or you have all these opinions that you feel would make the world eve

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Paper and Stylus

The world is full of options. With technology pushing forward the options are changing. Technology use to be created from the need. As usually necessity was the mother of invention. These days I feel that this has changed.   These

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With Every Step Forward…

So it seems that with making the Blog “slicker” and more organized I’ve inadvertently made some things slow down. Go figure. There must be some “Murphy’s law’s” for internet content and websites. (Can’t someone code around them?!) In any event please enjoy

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I’m on my way back

I’ve been absent from for far too long. Things were changing very fast for me at work and at home. I simply could not keep up with a blog at the same time. But i’m back. I know there

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Respectfully stolen from

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Trying to get Visually visceral here

I’m have been trying to get video and such up and running. But what I want is obviously something different than what WordPress wants me to do. While I continue on this fight for video uploading (Hopefully nicely). I will

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Steve Jobs is changing the game

At WWDC Apple announced the some of the new features going into iOS 5 and the new lion Mac OS. One of the more interesting developments was the level of integration Twitter will be getting in the new iOS 5

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TechniCultural Revolution!

That’s right. A whole new set of Functionality for you guys. New Buttons to many of the more social places on the Internets. Check em out ! Shiny, pretty, simple, and they follow you! (To the right)——————->

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Cultural Immersion!

I have been trying to make the switch to a more digital paper free lifestyle. I have had a rather hard time converting my note system and lifestyle into a digital format though. Every time I made steps in the

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Facebook turns 7

Today Facebook turns 7. That’s right, for 7 years Facebook has been in our virtual lives. Ever present, ever pressing further into our real worlds. Tonight let’s raise a glass.

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