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Oddles of doodles

I have a real interesting conundrum here. Here in the land of the internet there is a change in the PHP version. For many, if not all of you, this means very little. Please feel free to return to your

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Sticks and Stones

They can break our bones, but in the end we have your ammunition. Today is 9/11. Twice in history now we have been surprise attacked. Once in Pearl Harbor, Once in New York. Both times we have hit back and

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So a very important note: SOPA & PIPA are not dead. They have been indefinitely postponed. We need all keep this is mind and keep one eye turned to the protection of the free Internet and our rights. As Americans

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So Simply, Yet Never Implemented

I finally understand how to get video on here! This first video is the one that I attempted to long ago, but ultimately failed, to get posted here. It is a short, short video of the fishing hole that is not public,

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First day. Gotta Start Somewhere

Finally got myself a little motivation tonight. Got in around 2 miles of walking / jogging. Nothing serious just some workout to get the heart beating and the feet accustomed to the Vibram Five Fingers.

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Trying to make time

There in lies the problem with trying to make time. You simply cannot do it. I have been very busy lately so there has been very little updates here on AshbyKoss. I will attempt to back fill the best I

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Casey Anthony

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“who smelled what”

~ Ashby Koss

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As you can see I have been doing a little playing and art on my iPad. Really more so testing out it’s capabilities. I know how useful the iPad can be in business situations, in notes, and in sheer content

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