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Trying to make something here…

So, it’s been a good deal of time since my last foray into the blogging world. As I get more and more technologically advanced, in some odd way it feels as though I’m being selfish in keeping my thoughts as

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Oddles of doodles

I have a real interesting conundrum here. Here in the land of the internet there is a change in the PHP version. For many, if not all of you, this means very little. Please feel free to return to your

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I’ve Been Gone O’ So Long

How to restart after so long! I know I’ve been “offline” for over a year. Sometimes life throws things at you that you cannot avoid. You can only hit the deck, pick a direction and start crawling. Many times I

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My System of writing, and Why

So, your starting to write online. You have all this data inside your brain that you feel you need to release, teach, or inform other about. Or you have all these opinions that you feel would make the world eve

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Sticks and Stones

They can break our bones, but in the end we have your ammunition. Today is 9/11. Twice in history now we have been surprise attacked. Once in Pearl Harbor, Once in New York. Both times we have hit back and

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Paper and Stylus

The world is full of options. With technology pushing forward the options are changing. Technology use to be created from the need. As usually necessity was the mother of invention. These days I feel that this has changed.   These

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With Every Step Forward…

So it seems that with making the Blog “slicker” and more organized I’ve inadvertently made some things slow down. Go figure. There must be some “Murphy’s law’s” for internet content and websites. (Can’t someone code around them?!) In any event please enjoy

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I’m on my way back

I’ve been absent from for far too long. Things were changing very fast for me at work and at home. I simply could not keep up with a blog at the same time. But i’m back. I know there

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So a very important note: SOPA & PIPA are not dead. They have been indefinitely postponed. We need all keep this is mind and keep one eye turned to the protection of the free Internet and our rights. As Americans

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Respectfully stolen from

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